First month of business

It’s been about a month into this new business venture and like most things in life it’s been different then I expected. My first week was surprisingly busy and it has slowed down considerably as the month went on. I’m trying to stay positive and energized but it’s not easy. My biggest road block is deciding where I fit in as a designer. Who is my ideal client? I thought I knew but now I’m questioning that for a variety of realistic reasons. I’m going to have to make a choice soon so I can start making some cold walk ins.

On a happier note I worked on several small projects this month and one bigger one. The big one was illustrating some slides for an animation. This is an unpaid project for a friend. I was happy to help out and get to revive some dusty skills. This animated gif is a test animation I created to make sure the images worked they way my friend wanted.

This is the original gif of the sketches:

As you can see the first drawing didn’t work very well so I made some adjustments.

Here’s to hoping that I build a few more client relationships next month.